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UT Housing Options

Weighing the numerous different housing options at UT can be very challenging. Unlike many other universities, University of Texas students generally do not stay on campus after their freshman year. In fact, a majority of students never live on campus. There are countless housing choices and it is hard to choose which one is best without the help of someone who has been there and done that.

On-Campus Dorms
Some freshmen choose to live on campus for their first year in order to get the ‘college experience’ or simply to get to know the campus better. Living on campus offers conveniences such as short walks to class and pre-paid meal plans. This is generally going to be the most expensive option per amenity offered.

Off-Campus Private Dorms
Another option freshmen and other lowerclassmen often consider is one of the off-campus private dorms. These private dorms generally give you a little more for your money in terms of space than on-campus dorms and allow students to purchase meal plans in their cafeterias.

Leasing an Apartment or House
Leasing near campus is a great way for students to save money and start building rental history. The majority of students at UT lease an apartment or house in one of the adjacent neighborhoods to campus (West Campus, North Campus, Riverside or Downtown). There are hundreds of apartment complexes within walking distance of campus, offering a safe and clean living environment. Despite what you might have heard, off-campus leasing is the cheapest housing solution.

Buying a Condominium or House
For students who are interested in building equity in a property, purchasing a property near the UT campus can be a great investment. With a constant flow of incoming students at UT, property values are always climbing and housing is always in demand. Once the owner or owners child graduates, they can either sell the property or rent it out for extra income.

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